Why Big-Little Week made me appreciate my sorority sisters more than ever, Dallas

{Written with love from SMU Sorority Row, Gamma Phi Beta House, after discovering how hard it is to get Mod Podge out of paintbrushes}

A year has come and gone, and this time, I’m on the other side of Big-Little Week. As a new member of my sorority, I had noticed the older members’ hurried and secretive behavior that one February weekend. I might have even spotted the traces of glitter in their messy buns and smelled the lingering fumes of spray paint from the back room of our sorority house. But – though I was really curious about all the whispers from the room we were barred from entering – I had no idea what went on behind the scenes in the days and nights leading up to that first awe-inspiring Bin Day. Now, as a soon-to-be Big, I know the effort put into making those grand sorority shrines, glittering letters, and overflowing bins.

Bigs finish setting up their Bin Shrines before Reveal 2016!

Crafting quickly turned into an all-encompassing activity this past week, along with around-the-clock trips to Michael’s and Joann Fabrics. The wooden floors of the backroom are covered in pink, gold, and silver glitter. Paint splatters are scattered across almost everyone’s arms – and if you’re particularly enthusiastic about paint (like I am), your face becomes a palette too. Pinterest has undoubtedly been a lifesaver. With hundreds of clever ideas for puns to write onto canvases and beautiful yet simple sorority craft ideas, there’s been a flurry of all of us trying to scout out and “pin” the best designs.

Reviewing the day’s loot

But more than anything this crazy glittery week, I renewed my appreciation for the support of my friends and sisters. Last night I was surprised by a knock on my door from my friend Neha and my Big, Tiffany. An hour later Lizzy showed up to my room after a long day of work at her accounting internship with her sleeves rolled up, ready to help. And just as I didn’t have to ask for help for my sisters to know where it was needed, many other women were there to help us Bigs-to-Be. As Lizzy sandpapered down a plastic tub expertly, Morgan churned out canvas after canvas of beautiful Gamma Phi themed décor. In another corner Sarah and Lauren brought down gunny bags worth of sorority shirts to pass onto our future Littles, and Emily explained how to effectively dunk wooden letters in gold glitter with Mod Podge (it is a very useful thing, fellow crafters). As the clock chimed 3AM our room was still wide-awake, elbows deep in glitter with “Clueless,” “Bride Wars,” and “Legally Blonde”  playing consecutively on the TV behind us.

I’m still hella proud of my “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Audrey Hepburn silhouette!

By the time you read this article, my Gamma Phi chapter’s future Littles will have read their first clue as to whom their Big could possibly be. They’ve unveiled their personal shrine of amazing presents, and if they feel anything like the way I did, they’ll probably be thrilled and overwhelmed. We always say that Big Little Week is all about the Little Sister, but this past weekend has made me realize how much it is actually about remembering and appreciating “those crazy nights that turn into mornings, with friends that turn into family.”

*Originally written for SMU Odyssey Online on March 1st 2016

#tbt to the lovely shrine my Big, Tiffany made for me ❤
Dessert Day courtesy my “spicy” Big
Seeing my Little, Gianni’s face when she saw her shrine on Bin Day made it all worth it 🙂 AND I had so much fun painting all this!

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