“Tigers Be Still” prowls onstage this weekend!

Anyone else a huge “New Girl” fan? I am and that’s one of the reasons I’m looking forward to seeing “Tigers Be Still” this weekend in Dubai!

Written by Kim Rosenstock, the writer who brought Schmidt, Jess, Nick, Cece and so many other faves to life, “Tigers Be Still” takes a quirky, comedic look — at depression and a tiger on the loose.

Not exactly the way you thought that sentence would end? I was equally surprised when Farzana (playing Sherry) and Khushal (playing Zack) explained the show’s premise too!

Sherry’s journey of optimism, depression and dealing with a dysfunctional family while job hunting after college really caught my attention as most of my friends and I are 24-years old. We’ve recently left our known territory of graded semesters and have entered the professional zone of interviewing, interning, and/or assessing if that job we worked so hard to nab is even the one we want. I’m intrigued to watch a play that dives into this aspect of growing up and figuring yourself out.

Aditi Nath, who plays Sherry’s sister Grace, expressed this insightful side to the show really well in our conversation below.  Her character’s troubles stem around heartbreak: her engagement’s come to an end after finding out her fiancé’s been cheating on her. With Instagram filled with friends’ various relationship updates, Grace’s character arch is another source of intrigue.

While all the quirky characters deal with their depression differently, the light-hearted show does touch upon tough moments in a person’s life. I don’t want to give away too much of Khushal’s character Zack, but I’m interested in seeing how the script handles his grief at the loss of a parent. Catch Aditi, Farzana, Khusal and Saif’s invitation to you below!

“Tigers Be Still” will be performed at the Junction Theatre in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai. Showtimes are 7:30PM on January 16th to 18th 2020. Tickets are available at the door or online at Book My Show.

It’s a rainy and cold weekend here in Dubai so a warm theatre with this talented cast sounds pretty great great to me 🙂 Plus, I have yet to learn how a tiger fits into all of these small town characters’ lives.

Until next time, keep exploring. xoxo #nikitalyfe

Tigers Be Still on nikitalyfe


Author: Nikita Taimni

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