Hey there!

If you’ve scouted for this page you’re probably a bit curious about who I am, or why this blog came to be. So here goes!

‪#‎nikitalyfe‬ is a travel and lifestyle blog sharing my adventures around the globe.

As a third-culture kid, travel has always been a part of my nomadic life. Though I was born in Dubai and my parents originally come from New Delhi, I’ve lived in Singapore and grown-up mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area {Shout out to Danville!} before going to the Great State of Texas for college in Dallas at Southern Methodist University (SMU) and majoring in BBA Marketing and BA International Studies. My most recent #lifeupdate is that I’ve come full-circle and moved back to Dubai, UAE this summer 2018!

I’ve been writing stories and snippets as long as I can remember, and published my first fantasy-adventure novel, “Talisman: Realm of Souls” (Yes, it’s available on Amazon). I’ve been working on its sequel “Nefarium” and I’m excited to find a solid publisher and get that ready for you in 2019!

As for #nikitalyfe, I began blogging while studying-abroad in Oxford and Paris in 2015. Since then, it’s been my lifestyle and travel chronicles while I journeyed to Barcelona, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Giverny, Dubai, Agra, New Delhi..and many more!

Nothing gives me more joy than sharing my writing with wonderful readers like you ❤ I hope to keep churning out articles, traveling, and having lots of adventures worth narrating to you.

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Nikita Taimni

Nikita Taimni
^ C’est moi ^

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