5 Instagram-Friendly Cafes to Explore in Dubai

Do the words “aesthetically-pleasing” and “caffeine” delight your senses? If yes, I’ve got five cafe recommendations for you in Dubai that are guaranteed to get you that Insta-fandom. They’re even tried, tested and perfect for those like me who need dairy-alternatives like almond or soy milk options. From feeling like you’re in a black and white movie to sipping tea at a perfumery, there’s always an intriguing Dubai cafe to explore!

  1. The Forever Rose Cafe | Box Park, Jumeirah

Want to feel like the star of a black and white movie? Step into the unique 2D-world of Box Park’s Forever Rose Café. Everything from the furniture, to the floor to even the lamps and air vents look as if they’re painted into place, leaving their clients, food and signature red roses as the colors in focus. A first for the region, the original Forever Rosé cafe is in London and the Dubai branch gives a nod to both countries’ royal families by featuring their portraits around the café – in black and white, of-course!

2. Secret Garden by L’Eto Cafe | City Walk, Dubai

I’ll let you in on a not-so-hidden secret: within the cobbled, fairy-lit alleys of City Walk is a floral fantasy. Secret Garden is one of my favorites for herbal teas. I’m especially a fan of their Autumnal bloom flavors: they offer decadent mixes of peach and strawberry or pear and rosemary! The tea typically arrives in an intriguing bubble infuser that adds beautifully to the experience. Its a cafe perfect for catching up with girlfriends on a lazy afternoon where you wonder if you’ve walked into a dream.

3. Villa 515 | Jumeirah 3, Dubai

Tucked away in Jumeirah 3, Villa 515 is a cafe and perfumery set in a Moroccan-style courtyard. Without a doubt, this peaceful cafe is one of my favorite places to read a good book or work. The exotic aroma of new perfumes along with the babbling of a small fountain perfectly wafts through the air, giving the garden an elegantly cozy vibe. A local favorite, you’ll find the hours just fly by whenever you’re at this magical cafe.

4. Saya Cafe | City Walk, Dubai

Loud, Pink and Proud! Saya Cafe is a lovable explosion of pink florals and flamingos in the heart of City Walk. Every inch of this cafe could be a beautiful photo-opp, as their decor details are adorable and eccentric. There’s a ton of Dubai pride too, with their candy-gram style shoutouts to their city and caffeine faves in their photo-booth. If you’re looking for an worthy-moment, try their iced lavender or rose almond-milk Spanish latte.

5. Lighthouse Cafe | Dubai Design District (D3), Dubai

Nestled in artsy Dubai Design District, the Lighthouse cafe and restaurant is elegant and refined. Given its location in the heart of Dubai’s fashion and architecture hub, its tasteful decor includes many interesting coffee-table books of photography, history and art. Whether you’re looking to host a business meeting or catch-up with friends, the Lighthouse cafe is a lunch to tea favorite. Recommendation: their seafood pasta and lavender lemonade.

Which cafe do you want me to check out next? I can’t wait to hear which ones you’re going to visit! With the weather improving in the city, I’ll definitely scout new places to sip. Until next time, keep exploring 🙂

xoxo Nikitalyfe ❤

Author: Nikita Taimni

A Dubai-based blogger, I write about travel, theatre and lifestyle in the cities I explore around the world. Follow me on Instagram @nikitalyfe and follow via email if you enjoy reading my posts!

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