My Marvelous Guide to Mykonos, Greece!

{Here’s everything you need to organize your squad’s 3-days in Mykonos, Greece! Read where to sightsee, what to shop, helpful phrases and of-course where to party with your girls}

It’s been my dream for as long as I can remember to visit Greece someday, so traveling to Athens and Mykonos on a Girls Trip was absolutely a dream come true! While I’m definitely going to write about Athens soon, I’m going to start off by telling you all the things you could get up to with three days on the island of Mykonos. Nikitalyfe Tropicana Bar Mykonos

How to get from Athens to Mykonos

The easiest international flight for us was Dubai to Athens. After an quick layover night in Athens, we took the Golden Star Ferry‘s speediest cruise boat from Port Rafina outside Athens to Mykonos Port. I managed to befriend an Athenian cab driver and he gave us the number of his private car driver friends in Mykonos. This stroke of heaven-sent luck was confirmed when our funny and wonderful drivers at Mykonos Port introduced themselves as Angel and Miltos (shoutout to Milton and his queries on Paradise.)

That said, our Greek drivers were clearly making the most of a devilishly profitable demand-supply relationship: can you believe the whole island teeming with tourists has to fight over a minuscule total of thirty taxis? I’ve checked multiple sources and that number is not #fakenews. Text me if you want me to share their private taxis’ contact number, they were great! nikitalyfe Heading from Port Rafina to Port Mykonos

Where to stay in Mykonos: the Andromeda Residences

Andromeda Residences: We did a lot of research and decided on a blue and white maisonette at the Andromeda Residences located in Mykonos Town. Our maisonette was located right by the restaurants and our very knowledgable concierge, Yurgos gave us the lay of the land before we headed out to adventure! Mykonos Andromeda Residences

Chilly Mykonos Mornings: keep a shawl and find breakfast

Considering our nights ended around 4am, we got up leisurely in the mornings and discussed everything about the night before over our poolside breakfast of Greek yogurt, strong coffee and fresh bread with honey at the Andromeda. May mornings in Mykonos turned out to be rather chilly so I was quite pleased that I brought along one of my House of Inaayat shawls for the trip. nikitalyfe Mykonos Inaayat Shawl

Wander to Windmills and find for every evil-eye product you ever imagined

  1. Chora aka Mykonos Town: You know those pictures of Greece you see where everything is blue and white? Chora looks like you’ve walked into a postcards, with their cute boutiques filled with every possible garment and accessory with Turkish-Greek “Nazar” meant to ward away the evil-eye. There were evil-eye necklaces, tote bags, resort wear, boxers….you name it, the Greek had found a way to add an evil-eye to it! As a superstitious person I couldn’t resist and eventually treated myself to a Nazar bracelet. Kenya Granich and I are convinced that they work because prior to wearing the charm, we had found ourselves in not one but two taxi accidents that day!
  2. Windmills of Kato Mili: This iconic hill is dotted with sixteen windmills built in the 16th century by the Venetians, of all people. It’s an easy walk and a great spot to watch the sunset. You can also walked down to the water and stroll to Little Venice, which looks beautiful and entirely different in the daylight 🙂 nikitalyfe at Windmills of Kato Mykonos

7 Nightlife spots should you head to in Mykonos Town, Little Venice and Paraga Island

We followed the twisting white lanes of Mykonos Town to Little Venice, a famously picturesque waterside area of restaurants and bars. We were quite spoilt for choice by the many greeting doors, so here are just a couple places you could try out! If you can take a taxi and like techno, try out Scorpios on Paraga Island!

  1. Scandinavian Bar: we began the night at the landmark Scandinavian Bar, where we learnt the most important words of these nightlife maze: “Yamas!” which means “Cheers!” and “Stin Ygeiasas” which means “To Your Health” in Greek.
  2. Semeli’s: excellent dance vibes with fun white cave-like nooks filled with candles and flickering lights to chat around.
  3. Galleraki: if you’re looking for a more romantic spot, take a seat on the waterfront deck at Galleraki’s. Their lavish cocktail bar is a high point in the night!
  4. Negrita’s: this place won our hearts early in the evening with the best prices and selection of wine by the bottle and sustained the love affair with excellent music and a lively crowd later in the night.
  5. BAO: we seriously lucked out as BAO’s treated us to free Grey Goose bottle service — start of the season perks! — and they played all our R&B and reggaeton favorites — including “Kalinka” by Morandi which rapidly turned into our anthem for the rest of the trip! 
  6. ARGO: Kenya and I also loved weaving in and out of ARGO. Their unbeatable reggaeton and salsa songs had collected such a crowd that it was tough to find a spot to dance — especially with partners! Definitely enjoy Argo’s earlier in the evening if you wanna maximize your J Ballin and Maluma tracks.

    nikitalyfe Scorpios fashion Mykonos
    Aren’t these Grecian outfits at Scorpios cool?
  7. Scorpios: located on the Paraga Island of Mykonos, Scorpios felt like we’d arrived at a Bond villain’s chic island hideout party. Bathed in red and gold lights, you had the option of lounging inside the stone-facade mansion, where bartenders crafted from an extensively exotic menu, or mingling outside near rock seating surrounded by flaming torches on the sand. I was in love with the fashion — especially the eclectic European men’s fashion. As it was opening night, key influencers and gorgeous people milled about in Scorpios’ in-house brand of Greek inspired new age togas, ostrich feathers and ornate braids. Kenya and I milled about the store (located in a cave) at one point and I kid you not, there was nothing under 700 euros so we returned to the synth and techno music. Our night ended when the police shut down the venue, causing a massive well-dressed exodus off Paraga Island.

Where to head for a Beach Day

  1. Paradise Beach and Tropicana Bar: Paradise Beach should really come with a disclaimer: the sand is next level painful. Imagine a beach filled with legos or a circle of hell specifically designed to lure you with the promise of a relaxing beach day when in fact you’ve got to really grit your teeth to get from your deck chairs to the gorgeous blue-green Aegean water. But grit we did and we had a wonderful day swimming, reading and relaxing while Tropicana, a bar nearby supplied us with excellent cocktails accented with little Greek flags. One of my favorite memories is swimming out to climb onto a large rock, the kind you picture as a mermaid hangout. I lay down there for a while. The turquoise waters were all around me and the sun poured down perfectly. Now that felt like Paradise.
  2. Super Paradise Beach: Part of traveling in a group is that you end up with people of varied interests. One of our friends, Sakeena is hugely into adventure sports and ended up going deep sea diving while we explore the windmills which Aashna was keen on, and she later took up parasailing during our short time at Super Paradise. 
nikitalyfe Paradise Beach Mykonos
Squad poses before Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Returning to Athens

We took the late afternoon ferry back to Athens, happy and tired out from the Mykonos sun. It felt like the shortest commute ever as I’m pretty certain the five of us slept on our hot pink fuchsia seats (see video below) through till the captain announced our arrival back in Athens for the next phase of our Greek adventure. All in all, Mykonos was incredible and if you’re about to embark on a trip there this summer, you are one lucky lucky duck! nikitalyfe Mykonos

Stay tuned and I’ll write about my time in Athens soon! Until next time, keep exploring 🙂 xoxo #nikitalyfe


Author: Nikita Taimni

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