“Enter Macbeth” does Shakespeare proud with an Arab-Scottish comedy at Alserkal, Dubai

{“Yallah, yallah do your Toil and Trouble, witches” – Arab Macbeth}

For my theatre lovers: if you want to watch a Shakespeare mashup like never before, head down to watch “Enter Macbeth,” currently on stage at The Junction playhouse on artsy Alserkal Avenue in Dubai!

“Enter Macbeth” does The Bard proud with a riotous script in which the characters of Hamlet find themselves exasperated playing out the same destinies with the same ol’ script. When Hamlet mysteriously goes missing, the characters recruit an Arab Macbeth to substitute for him….and then some! The rebellious First Folio cast’s toil and trouble quickly doubles as they fall prey to Lady Macbeth and Arab Macbeth’s sinister takeover scheme.

“Enter Macbeth’s” set is a clear tribute to a modern Will Shakespeare ❤

Director Meghana Mundkur throws in a ton of hilarious Dubai and Harry Potter references and Game of Thrones jokes into the original writer, Ruth Buchanan’s script making it absolutely perfect for her local audience. The Junction’s auditorium style theatre was essentially packed and we found ourselves in for a very spooky 10-minute intermission as the three Macbeth witches prowled, hissed and pounced upon unsuspecting audience members!

Enter Macbeth poster
Shoutout to Goth-Emo Hamlet, Arab-Macbeth and the spookiest witches!

I absolutely loved the very international cast’s energy and their commitment to their super meta, play-within-a-play scenes. It wasn’t until final bows and curtain that the audience was let in on the fact that the very talented cast only had three weeks to prepare! Mundkur’s closed the show with a quick gratitude speech in which she shared that there were cast changes and travels happening until 3 days before showtime — talk about off-stage drama!

Meghana Mundkur makes a speech at the end of the show. Congrats to the very talented cast! ❤

My sincere congratulations to the cast and crew of “Enter Macbeth” for a truly hilarious modern Shakespearean mashup. I can’t wait to explore more events at Alserkal Avenue and I’m looking forward to Manju Ramanan and Asad Raza Khan’s returning play, a piece about life in Dubai called “Just Like That (JLT)” on April 18-20 2019! 🙂

Until next time, keep exploring! ❤ xoxo #nikitalyfe

P.S. YES, I am carrying a Shakespeare tote bag! Found it while visiting Stratford-upon-Avon, England and the fan-girl in me just had to bring it to the show tonight! #nikitalyfe Enter Macbeth

Author: Nikita Taimni

A Dubai-based blogger, I write about travel, theatre and lifestyle in the cities I explore around the world. Follow me on Instagram @nikitalyfe and follow via email if you enjoy reading my posts!

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