A Dallas Nightclub for Every Mood

{“Can I see some 21+ ID?”}

What you are about to read is the culminating work of four years of sleepless nights, several pairs of worn-out heels, and dramatic but glorious 3AM tales. No matter what mood strikes you on a Thursday or Saturday night, there’s a club somewhere in Dallas that’ll be perfect for your next #squadgoal caption on Instagram. Feeling trop bourgeois? Hit up Uptown. Feeling like some riotous off-tune karaoke? The SF Rose will give you a willing audience. Check out the #nikitalyfe list below to find a spot in Dallas that’ll match your mood in posh Uptown or artsy Deep Ellum!

  1. Happiest Hour{On Top of the World}: You’re content with life, dressed to the nines, and ready for some quality lounge music mixed with some R&B tones. HH offers the perfect rooftop bar/lounge to enjoy a cocktail against the Dallas skyline with some friends. Lounge on the plush couches near the many fire pits to keep you warm on brisk nights!
    HH is a pretty large venue so you’ll have a diff sort of night depending on which section you’re in! (PC: harwooddistrict.com)

    I personally love the view from Happiest Hour’s rooftop!
  2. Truth & Alibi – {Mischievous}:  You’re clued-in enough to know this month’s password to Deep Ellum’s #lit speakeasy. T&A’s quaint candy store façade drops no hints about the jam-packed nightclub behind its secret walls, except for the unusually dressed up people in line by the gobstoppers. With plush thrones, sparklers in champagne bottles, and even a British red phone booth, this speakeasy is truly a hidden world of its own!
    Looks can be deceiving! (PC: T&A)

    You’d never guess that this is hiding behind the Candy Store facade! (PC: T&A)
  3. Avenu Lounge – {#Turnt}: Your current mood is straight up pop-anthem and EDM dance-party. Keep Avenu as one of your last stops for an Uptown night as this place typically comes to life well past the stroke of midnight.avenu-dallas3
  4. The San Francisco Rose – {Ready to be on Broadway}: You’ve watched one too many episodes of The Voice and want to showcase your own live talent via karaoke. Lucky for you, the SF Rose is usually filled with a fun-loving goofy crowd ready to cheer on even the most tune-deaf enthusiasts!11099989_10153109281575907_1751126359474254997_n
  5. Trophy Room – {Adventurous}If you’re an SMU student, Trophy is the best place to start a night in Uptown as you’re guaranteed to bump into people you know…which is good or bad depending on your skill level riding Trophy Room’s famous mechanical bull… And getting onto that bull is a whole other challenge!The-trophy-room
  6. The Standard Pour – {Playfully Professional}If you follow a “work hard, play hard” life motto, The Standard Pour is your new 5 o’clock hangout spot. Little known fact: you can get some of the best mac ‘n’ cheese in town at this pub. With great drinks and a lavish bar, this Uptown staple is the choice for a classy night flowing with good conversation…and maybe some Texan-sized Moscow Mules.18222330_10155034135690907_1844916502439368894_n
  7. Bungalow Beach Club – {Vegas Pool Party meets MTV}: You couldn’t decide between Vegas, Miami, or Ibiza and so stayed local for the best pool party in town. Between lively DJs, crowded pool shenanigans, and quirky deer heads mounted on walls, Bungalow is the place to party in the summer time.14721676_10154431127490907_2860211459512050586_n
  8. Parliament – {Sophisticated}: You’re feeling grown-up tonight; suave, and elegant. This dimly lit bar is a gem away from the college crowd, covered with art deco accents that’ll leave you feeling more cultured with every sip.Parliament Dallas
  9. Lizard Lounge – {#Ratchet}: With two levels of dance floors, this is the place to be if you’re looking for a wild night. Lizard Lounge snakes around with multiple passages between its various rooms, adding an element of confusion to the night when trying to locate friends. With many notable DJs, this Deep Ellum venue has many events to look for. That said, it gets insanely crowded. Beware of spilt drinks!
    For double the fun & double the crowd hit up Lizard Lounge (PC: DFW.com)

    #tbt Halloween at Lizard Lounge
  10. HG Sply & Co – {Chill Kickback}: You’re looking to catch up with some old friends and maybe get a – mason jar – drink or two with some new ones you’ll make along the way. HG has two great locations with different versions of laid-back vibes depending on if you choose to stay inside or head up to the fairy-lit rooftop.
    I’ve personally never been during the day so nice to see a pic of it!(PC: HG Sply & Co)
    Sometimes all you need is a solid night with friends ❤

    11. The Rustic – {Cheery, but Not Chatty}: You’re feeling outdoorsy, but only to the extent of taking your drink out to the patio for some very loud live music. The Rustic sports a laid-back Texan country vibe, great for a Friday night after a long week.TheRUSTIC_1

  11. Quixotic World {Burlesque meets Alice in Wonderland}: You’re feeling opulent and slightly mad tonight. With thrones galore, Quixotic takes you into a fantasy world only the Mad Hatter could have led you to. And speaking of Hatter, the walls are lined with every sort of interesting hat and headdress you could think of! 16807365_10154818559575907_3924822797387070597_n16649103_10154818557895907_8709488152300094553_n

With these many options around Dallas, you can never say you’re not in the mood to go out. In the eternal {clean edit} words of Rihanna, “Cheers to Freakin’ Weekend!”

Snap’d at Happiest Hour’s outdoor patio

Author: Nikita Taimni

A Dubai-based blogger, I write about travel, theatre and lifestyle in the cities I explore around the world. Follow me on Instagram @nikitalyfe and follow via email if you enjoy reading my posts!

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