Go behind-the-scenes with Biori, an ethical jewelry brand, Dubai

{“Quiet on the set! Filming in progress! And ACTION.” Here’s what being part of a two-day fashion feature film for Biori was like!}

I arrived at the FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style on the first morning to find the allocated suite abuzz with activity. Filming was in progress. I tiptoed my block-heels past the set, glancing at Sabeen Kashan, our makeup artist busy at work with one of the models seated in the glass-paned dressing room. Sliding the door into the adjacent “backstage” conference room, I spotted a familiar face: Sandeep Arora, co-founder of the Biori label. Soft-spoken and serene as always, he welcomed me to the Biori set and soon indicated where the other half of their yin-yang duo, Priyanka Sarkar was amidst the action.

Biori Day 1
Priyanka Sarkar provides direction on Day One’s filming

Fiery and passionate Priyanka, the red-haired designer behind the hand-made and ethically-sourced jewelry creations listened with rapt attention to her “Biori Women‘s” unscripted testimonials on why ethical fashion mattered to them. Our videographer, Shraddha Sundar‘s camera captured their candid thoughts against a studio wall of faux-grass. Dressed in their choice of white blouses and blue jeans, the Biori Women were confident and excited to share their personal stories and how it impacted their style.

Biori Women
The Biori Women

True to the brand’s value on bold, adventurous everyday women, the Biori Women: Rowena West, Saula Nampala, Rosanna Lockwood, Annie Bricker and Reema Jumani came from unique and diverse backgrounds, career fields and fashion styles.

We moved through a loop that first day, with the women finishing their formal filming before moving to the soundproof conference room to chat with #nikitalyfe about their experiences. Our biggest and funniest struggle was making sure our bracelets didn’t clang or an iPhone camera didn’t accidentally noisily click (#guilty) around the very, very sensitive microphone equipment!

Biori camera crew
Shraddha goes over Day One’s footage with the team

With the audio interviews and voiceover segment of the Biori film complete at the end of Day One, Shraddha called for a pack-up. Meanwhile, Priyanka and Sandeep gathered us around to tell us the details for Day Two: a jewelry montage filmed over a v. aesthetic “Brunch with Biori” hosted in their eclectic apartment! As Priyanka announced everyone’s makeup and hair time slot with Sabeen early the next morning, I received the wonderful surprise of finding out they wanted me to be a part of the film! 🙂

Biori cover2
#nikitalyfe goes behind-the-scenes with the House of Biori

Day Two of filming was by far one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had as a blogger. Arriving without a drop of makeup (per instructions) and in a pair of my largest sunglasses atop my head (per whim), I opened the door to the Biori designers’ bustling apartment to the sound of loud RnB music, the models’ calls for more tea and coffee, and the sight of Priyanka adding her final touches to a lavishly decadent — and very camera ready — breakfast spread across a long wooden table.

Biori Brunch
Day Two: Brunch with Biori

At the center of the bohemian room was a red carpet upon which a wooden bowl was laden with Biori’s Spring-Summer 2018 jewelry collection pieces. Sandeep adjusted the professional lights crowded around the periphery, making each earring, ring and necklace shine brightly against its marble stand. I joined the other Biori Women in one of the bedrooms where Sabeen proceeded to transform our faces to the agreed upon shoot look.

fccf8f2d-dbf2-46b9-a869-f848e5fdfaee 2
Thanks for making us look camera ready, Sabeen Kashan!

Filming inside the apartment was a riotous affair: we had champagne, Rihanna, and a wide array of Biori jewelry. Priyanka positioned our movements to interact with each other on camera and try on each jewelry piece in a manner that looked natural, while never turning our backs to the filming…and also showcasing our unique accessories with the lavish brunch as our backdrop. I had the pleasure of purposefully pouring and passing a teacup to Reema while keeping the ornate bejeweled bird on my ring always visible to the camera. Now that’s next level High Tea #pinkiesup.

Biori all group
We had such a wonderful time filming for Biori! #BioriWomen

While filming was often broken up into pairs, I especially enjoyed our group shots. On one such occasion, Shraddha got very creative and positioned herself, her camera, and nearby lights on a barstool above us for an aerial shot, while we tried on and showed off Biori jewels as candidly as possible seated on the carpet. 

Biori Saula Annie
Saula and Annie are clearly gems at being candid

I absolutely loved being a part of the Biori feature film. Over the course of the two-day filming, I got to meet many interesting and driven Biori women and enjoy how a mutual support of ethical jewelry drew us together that weekend. I can’t wait to see the final film and share it with you! Until next week, keep exploring! 🙂 xoxo #nikitalyfe

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For more information on the House of Biori, check out their website , Instagram, or Facebook page.

Biori cover
House of Biori, Summer-Spring 2018 Collection (PC: @theBiori)

Author: Nikita Taimni

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  1. Very nicely done and kudos on your association with the House of Biori!!
    Here’s wishing both you and Priyanka/Sandeep all the very best in your respective journeys!!

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